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Extensions for Local searches | Call extension

Extensions for Local searches | Call extension

With call extension, you add your phone number to your ads.

When searchers see your ads, they can tap or click a button to call your business directly if their device can make calls, or they can tap or click your ad to go to your website.

Call extension is the most effective way to display your phone numbers to your ads. If you write your phone number in your ad instead, your ad will get disapproved.

A call is a click. Clicks on your number are the same cost as headline clicks.

Add Call extension.

Ads & extensions.
+ Call extension.

Call reporting uses a Google forwarding number and allows you to find out call duration, call start and end times, caller area code and whether the call was connected.

Google forwarding number
Use Google forwarding number to track conversions.

Google gives you a unique phone number.

This number is displayed with your ads.

When a potential customer calls or messages this phone number, Google Ads will re-route the call or message to your business phone number.

A detailed report about all calls or messages is generated from your ads.

Set up instructions:

Watch video.

Watch it on YouTube (Larger version)

Changes to your Google call reporting settings
On 9 September 2019, account-level call reporting will replace ad and extension-level reporting as the exclusive call reporting solution in Google Ads.

Update November 2019
Extending call and message reporting to more places
Call and message reporting are now added to the main extensions tab.
This allows you to see how individual extensions are driving results from phone calls and messages.

Review new metrics such as phone-through rate and chat rate in order to optimise your performance.

Ads & extensions > Attributes  > Check all Call and Message details.


Best practices
– Ensure your telephone number can receive users’ calls.

– Write attractive offers to grab the call, in general, calls convert more than clicks.

– Ensure you’re available to take the call, or otherwise schedule your call extension according to your business hours.

– Use a specific telephone number just for your Google Ads.

– Use Bid adj. (Bid adjustments) to increase or decrease bids according to your results.

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Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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