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Extensions for Local searches | Call-only ads

Extensions for Local searches | Call-only ads

To persuade searchers to call your business, use call-only ads.
Call-only ads appear only on devices that can make phone calls.
When a searcher clicks your ad, Google Ads places a call to you from their device. If you have call extension activated in your campaign, you can use the same telephone number.

With call-only ads you don’t need a landing page on your website.

Call-only ads are available only for campaigns on the Search Network.

Clicks on the call button or headline are charged at a cost per click (CPC) based on the bid that you set in your account.

Add Call-only ad.
Ads & extensions.
+ Call-only ad.

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Update November 2019
Extending call and message reporting to more places

Call and message reporting are now added to the main extensions tab.
This allows you to see how individual extensions are driving results from phone calls and messages.

Review new metrics such as phone-through rate and chat rate in order to optimise your performance.

Ads & extensions > Attributes  > Check all Call and Message details.

Update 27/02/2019
Google call-only ads are getting expanded with more characters, plus the business name is also shifting.

You now have two 30-character headlines (instead of a single 25-character headline) and descriptions are increasing from 80 to 90 characters.

In addition to that, the name of the business will move to the description line.

Bid adj. (Bid adjustments)
– Use Bid adj. (Bid adjustments) to increase or decrease bids according to your results.

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Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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