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Display Network Managed Placements campaign

Placements are websites where you think your customers spend time looking for your products and services, and you want your ads to appear.
These are your industry-specific related websites, comparison websites, directories, and websites visited by your targeting audience.

How to choose Placements

Create a new campaign > Website traffic > Display > Standard display campaign > enter your website and > CONTINUE.
Choose Campaign name, Goal, Networks, Locations, Languages, Budget, Bidding, Start and end dates and Ad rotation.

Create your ad group and click CONTENT TARGETING.

+ Placements.

Search for Placements by word, phrase, URL or video ID.

For example, let’s say my business is a hair removal clinic, I would search for the keyword ‘hair removal’.

Google Ads shows a list of matched targeted placements related to ‘hair removal’ and their Impressions per week.

Choose the appropriate websites to add as Placements.

Add more keywords to find more Placements.

Make sure you set your ad group Placements to Targeting (previously Target & bid).
Select your ad group > Placements > Edit placements > Targeting.

Watch video.

Watch it on YouTube (Larger version)

Best practices
Display Network Managed Placements
– Test new placements regularly.


– Check clicks, impressions, costs, and conversions, and exclude expensive Placements that never converted, however, keep Placements that can raise your brand awareness.
Select your campaign > Placements > Where ads showed > Select your placements > Edit > Exclude from ad group or campaign.

Categories, pages, and subpages
– Within your Placements, target specific categories, pages, and subpages with more granularity.
Select your campaign > Placements > WHERE ADS SHOWED > Check the Placements you want to target specific categories, pages, and subpages > view details.

Add any relevant Placements subpages.

Bid adj. (Bid adjustments)
– Use Bid adj. (Bid adjustments) to increase or decrease your Placement bids according to results.
If you don’t see the Bid adj. column: COLUMNS > Modify columns > Attributes > Bid adj.

– Select your campaign > Placements > Select the Placement > Bid adj. > Increase or Decrease % > Enter a number. Range is: -90% to +900%.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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