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How to create a GMail campaign with Keywords and Audiences Ad groups

Select your Keywords ad group.
Add Keywords.
Add Display Keywords.
Add relevant keywords to your business.
Or Enter your product or service.
Google shows keyword ideas.
Add any appropriate keyword.
Get keyword ideas by typing your website.
Once finished, click SAVE.
Select your Audiences ad group.
Click Audiences.
Add Audiences.
Edit Audiences.
Make sure ‘Targeting’ (previously Target & bid) is selected.
Click What their interests and habits are (Affinity and custom affinity).
Add all relevant Affinity audiences to your business.
Click What they’re actively researching or planning (In-Market, life events and custom intent).
Use Keywords based on your products and services to create a NEW CUSTOM AUDIENCE.
Add all relevant In-Market audiences to your business.
Click How they’ve interacted with your business (Remarketing and similar audiences).
Add all relevant Similar audiences, Combined lists and Website visitors to your business.
Click IDEAS.
Add all relevant Audiences to your business.
Enter your keywords, phrase or URL.
Add all relevant Audiences to your business.
Once finished, click SAVE.

Watch video.

Watch it on YouTube (Larger version)

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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