Landing pages

Landing pages

Landing pages shows how your landing pages URLs are performing on the Search, Display, and Video campaigns.

The performance data includes your landing pages final URL, and the mobile final URL.

Mobile devices
More customers use mobile devices to search now more than ever, and therefore an effective landing page is extremely important.

Landing pages lets you see which landing pages are performing, or not performing.

You can track your landing pages performance for:
– Mobile speed score.
– Mobile-friendly click rate.
– Conversion tracking compatibility rate (Search ads landing pages only).
– Metrics such as clicks, cost, conversion rate, etc. To add any other supported metrics: COLUMNS > Modify Columns > Select your metrics.

Mobile speed score
Mobile speed score is only available for Search.

The score is calculated from 1 to 10 (1, the slowest, 10, the fastest).

Speed is extremely important on mobile. Google says: ‘1 second delay in mobile can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%’.

Mobile-friendly click rate
Mobile-friendly click rate is only available for Search.

It is the percentage of mobile clicks pointing to a friendly mobile page. Refer to Google’s Mobile-Friendly test.

Use this metric to find out specific pages that may/may not well optimised for mobile devices.

Conversion tracking compatibility rate
Conversion tracking compatibility rate is only available for Search Ad landing pages only.

It is the estimated percentage of clicks where conversions can be tracked using first-party cookies for each landing page.

A rate less than 100% means that some of your ad clicks may not be tracked for conversions on some browsers.

Landing pages optimisation
When you optimise your landing page, you improve the Landing page experience.

A good Landing page experience is when users are finding what they are looking for as a result of clicking your Google ads.

The Landing page experience is a component of your keyword’s Quality Score. The Quality Score influences your CPC (Cost per click) and ads eligibility to show.

To improve your Landing page experience

The content of your page should be original, transparent, useful and relevant. Furthermore, the content must align with your ads and keywords.

Easy navigation
User should find what they are looking for quickly and with an easy path to it.

Loading time
Your landing page should load quickly.

Pop-ups can be annoying at times, especially if they are irrelevant.

Above the fold
On mobile, the top content should be above the fold to avoid long unnecessary scrolling.

Google Optimize
Use Google Optimize to calculate which landing performs best. You need to create an account with Optimize and then link it to your Google Ads account.

Optimize offers A/B test, Multivariate test, Redirect test, and Personalisation.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.