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Extensions for Local searches | Location extension

In order for your location extensions to show you need to link your Google My Business to Google Ads.

Set up instructions:

Ensure your business address is right located on Google map.

With location extension, your ads show with your address, a map of your location, and the distance to your business, and may include a call button with your telephone number to facilitate the searchers to call your business.

If searchers click or tap your ad extensions, Google Ads shows more relevant details.

Location extensions show on the Search Network, the Display Network, and Google Maps, on computers and mobile devices.

Your locations extensions can also show reviews from Google My Business listing if they have at least 5 reviews and an average of 3.5 stars.

Add Location extension
Ads & extensions.
+ Location extension.

YouTube location extension
Location extensions are available if you have a YouTube TrueView, In-stream or Bumper ads campaign.

This is an additional way to drive traffic into your store or business.

Ads are also shown on Android and iOS YouTube apps.

Searchers see your address, direction and business hours while watching your videos.

Best practices
– Run a Geographic report.
Select your campaign/ad group > Locations > Geographic report.

The Geographic report shows your potential customers’ physical locations, or locations that they had shown interest in.

– Run a User locations report.
Select your campaign/ad group > Locations > User location report.

It shows only your potential customers’ physical locations, regardless of any locations that they may have shown interest in.

With these report, you can use the distance report to see how your ads performed in varying distances from your business.

– Set up a radius. It allows you to show your ads to customers within your specified geographic radius around your business.
Select your campaign/ad group > Locations > + Locations > Radius > Enter your place name, address or coordinates > Enter the distance in mi (miles) or Km (kilometres)

Bid adj. (Bid adjustments)
– Use bid adj. (Bid adjustments) to get higher rank and visibility for potential customers nearby to your location who are typing your keywords to draw them in. Users within a close range to your location are more likely to convert.

Bid Adj. for Locations
– You can use Bid adj. with Campaigns.
Locations > Select your Location > Bid adj. > Increase or Decrease % > Enter a number. Range is: -90% to +900%.

Extensions for Local searches
Call extension
Call only ads
Promotion extension
Location extension
Price extension

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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