Mastermind Google Ads 2019 | SILVIO FERRERO

Silvio Ferrero is the author of Mastermind Google Ads 2019 – 50 ULTIMATE STRATEGIES, a book about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google Ads.

Page 24: How much should I bid for a keyword?

Page 28: How much are my competitors bidding to be on top of my ads?

Page 82: How do I get my ad to rank #1?

Page 94: How do I quickly check my account performance?

Search engine marketing is the key to your digital marketing success.

Mastermind Google Ads 2019 teaches you how to maximise your profit and return on investment by optimising your Google Ads account to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns, company goals, and objectives.

Screenshots that are simple, clear, and detailed, containing examples, best practises, insights, comments, and conclusions.

Who is this book for?
– Individuals, business owners and marketers who already have a Google Ads account and want to grow their business.
– Anyone who is spending money and not seeing results, whether it is an individual or an organisation.
– Anyone who doesn’t have time to master all of Google Ads’ sophisticated capabilities and needs quick, practical, and easy-to-implement solutions for managing campaigns.
– Anyone who want to properly test Google Ads without spending a fortune.

What sets this book apart from other Google Ads books?
The optimizations and analyses in this book are not standard best practices; they reflect how I work and make account and campaign changes and adjustments.

Using my significant experience dealing with Google Ads campaigns for over 20 years, I’m giving you methods that truly make a difference.

You will learn:
– Optimising your keywords entails more than simply adding a few new ones or setting them as negatives.
– What to do with ‘Low search volume keywords,’ ‘Rarely shown keywords,’ and when and how to employ wide, precise, and phrase keywords matching.
– To optimise your bidding, it is not only a matter of increasing or decreasing your bids. You should understand what the ideal bid for your keywords is, why a larger bid might not result in more conversions, and why your CPC (cost per click) has suddenly jumped.
– When and how should you use Smart Bidding for your campaigns, as well as which strategies are best for you and their advantages and disadvantages.

All screenshots and videos on the book reflect the new Google Ads interface.

This book’s content is organised as follows:
1. Questions, topics, and strategies.
2. Explanations using detailed examples.
3. Best practices, comments and conclusions.

Note: The Paperback version is no longer available.

There is, however, a digital version with fresh chapters, videos, and the most recent Google Ads improvements and features called Making Google Ads Work.

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