Case Studies

Here are some examples of small, medium, and large companies we helped to grow.

Small businesses
Medium businesses
Large businesses

Small businesses

Cranmore Cattery, Surrey, UK

Business type: Cattery specialising in short/long term pet care
Business size: Small

To supplement bookings in off peak periods and attract last minute customers.

This is a small and delightful business set in the Surrey countryside, that will lovingly look after your cat while you are away on holiday.

Initially its owner was reluctant to do any Internet marketing. However, since we set up a campaign for her, she has had such a strong response, that she is now considering expanding her business and increasing her prices by 50%.

A highpoint was when somebody’s butler phoned to place two very aristocratic cats.
That’s a result – by any measure! 

Average month figures:
Number of people searching = 7,139
Number of clicks for Cranmore Cattery = 149
Cost per click = 0.12 pence
Monthly cost = £17.88

A staggering result considering a cat is charged at £6.50 per day.

“Last month we spent £17.88 for 149 clicks that generated 20 leads. One client leaving a cat for three days pays for the entire advertising campaign.”
Julie Ottey – Cranmore Cattery, Surrey, London

Greg Langdon

Greg Langdon, Orange County, Los Angeles, USA

Business type: Tennis Professional
Business size: Small

Find new customers in the quiter winter months and to move away from depending on the Yellow pages to find new clients.

Greg says: “I have never been so busy in the middle of winter as I am this year, and it’s only going to get better.

The interesting thing is that, in the past (the old-fashioned way), people would call me out of the Yellow Pages, we’d talk about tennis lessons on the phone for 15 minutes only if I was in, or they could reach me! I’d give them my web address, they’d check it out, and only a certain percentage of them would call back to book a lesson.

Now with the Google campaign, people are seeing the website first, and calling me to book the lesson!

It eliminates the time wasted on the telephone. Plus, I’m having colleagues all over the country calling me to say they’ve seen my website and love it!.

“I’m very pleased with the early stages of the campaign. I launched the campaign on Tuesday evening and by Thursday morning I had booked my first client. In that time I spent $2.68 on Google Ads, and I got $350 worth of business from it. I’m looking forward to more good things to come.”
Greg Langdon, Tennis Professional, Los Angeles, California


Rays Health Retreat, Buderim, Australia

Business type: Natural Health Retreat
Business size: Small

To generate more traffic to the website nationally and internationally in order to increase its marketing reach. The owners also wanted to build brand awareness and create more sales.

Rays Health Retreat is expanding and therefore the owners decided to run Google Ads campaigns in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to attract new clients.

Advertising in foreign countries using traditional methods can be extremely expensive and requires a knowledge of where and when to advertise. However, a Google Ads campaign targets an audience that is already interested in Health Retreats, and does not require a minimum spend or time commitment.

Google Ads offers complete flexibility and control, allowing unlimited changes and the ability to pause and restart campaigns on demand. This feature allows Rays to halt their campaign when they are fully booked, and to restart when they need new bookings.

“Last week I spent $750, and I’m signing up prospective clients worth $6,000.”
Ray Vozzo Health Retreat, Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Medium businesses

House of Mirrors

The House of Mirrors, London, UK

Business type: 19th Century English Antique Mirrors
Business size: Mediu

Create an online store to find new customers. They understood that you can’t sell mirrors costing thousands of pounds over the Internet – but your showroom can become visible all around the world, and attract enquiries that significantly boost sales.

This campaign produced good identifiable results.
Each new person who came as a result of this campaign and registered an interest to look at the House of Mirrors website costed 15 pence – while antique mirrors can cost many hundreds and thousands of pounds.

Google Ads has generated 40% of their business.

“We are extremely satisfied with your web solutions. We have found Mr Ferrero a very efficient and easy person to work with. He was very receptive and quick to grasp what we were looking for, but his own input was invaluable.”
Grazyna Witek, House of Mirrors – London

The Cooper Gallery

The Cooper Gallery, Noosa, Australia

Business type: Art Gallery
Business size: Medium

Increase in-store sales, inform customers about new artists, artwork and exhibitions, and represent these new and emerging artists.

When the new owners acquired the business, they wanted to explore the Internet as an additional marketing method. This new advertising strategy resulted in an immediate and sustained increase in sales. Google Ads is generating approx. 50% of their business.

Google Ads should be linked to Google Analytics which is a very sophisticated tracking system. Through Google Analytics The Cooper Gallery found artwork searches coming from Chicago, USA, the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. As a result they started campaigns specifically targeted to these new markets that were previously not accessible to them.

Google Ads has also helped their goal of finding a stream of new and emerging artists every month, their artwork and forthcoming exhibitions.

“We sell 8/10 portraits every month thanks to Google Ads.”
Barry Cooper – The Cooper Gallery, Noosa, Australia


Incontrissimi, Milan, Italy

Business type: Online Dating Agency
Business size: Medium

Finding new subscribers on a regular monthly basis.

Incontrissimi was looking to maximise its exposure on Google’s search results and also to advertise to as many Google users as possible.

One of the most powerful features about Google Ads is the ability to localise a message to a city. “When someone in Milan searches for a date, we show them the relevant advert,” Michele says. “That makes us appear as a local provider, which we are. But we’re in a lot of other places as well. Business ultimately happens locally.

Google Ads enables Incontrissimi to track the performance of local markets and quickly make adjustments to campaigns in those markets.

“I spend between 1 and 4 Euro to sign up clients that are worth 15 Euro each. I’ve not found another system that can do what Google Ads can.”
Michele Parisi – Online Dating, Italy

Large businesses


ActivTrades, London | Milan | Sofia | Nassau | Luxembourg

Business type: Online Forex Broker
Business size: Larger

Increase visibility and online clientele, test and open new International markets, increase brand awareness, and launch new online services and products.

Adwordizing has been working with ActivTrades since 2005.

ActivTrades are now one of biggest Forex broker in Europe, and expanding all over the world with offices in London, Milan, Nassau and Sofia.

ActivTrades serve clients in 140 countries.

In 2014, ActivTrades was ranked the 6th fastest growing company in the UK, and the 3rd fastest in London and 4th overall in the financial sector by Investec Hot 100 UK’s fastest-growing private companies.

“Adwordizing has been working with ActivTrades for over 15 years. He has implemented and managed the company’s SEO and digital marketing for 25 countries in 12 languages, resulting in a substantial contribution to the growth of the company internationally.”
Alessandro Gho, Director, ActivTrades PLC, London

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic, Harley Street, London, UK

Business type: Cosmetic and non surgical treatments
Business size: Large

This is not just one Clinic but a number of highly acclaimed London clinics dealing with a range of illnesses and non-surgical cosmetic surgery.

Prior to joining Google Ads, The Private Clinic advertised through radio, newspaper, and other print ads. The limited exposure of those formats was a drawback, as only so many people see a print ad or newspaper ad.

On the other hand, Google Ads has enabled The Private Clinic to attract more customers for less money by distributing its ads widely. The result is like having a billboard in every major city.

We have been running a highly focused internet campaign for the Private Clinic for many years, and they are delighted with the results they achieved.

The number of new clients arriving as a result of this campaign made this a highly cost effective method of producing new business.

“The web solutions you developed have proved extremely successful and profitable, and have complemented our national newspaper and television advertising campaigns. The Internet is now very much part of our ongoing marketing strategy, and we intend to increase our resources towards it.”
Valentina Petrone, Managing Director of The Private Clinic, Harley Street, London