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Extensions for Local searches | Promotion extension

Searchers are always looking for the best deal, so if you have sales and promotions, you should activate Promotion extension.

There is no cost when Google Ads shows the Promotion extension.

You are charged only if a searcher clicks your ad, and at a cost per click based on your bids, and you won’t be charged for more than two clicks per ad impression.

If someone quickly clicks on more than one link while viewing an ad, this gets treated as a second click and you won’t get charged.

Add Promotion extension
Ads & extensions.
+ Promotion extension.

Best practices
– Make your promotion extension eye catching.

– Differentiate your promotion from your competitors’ promotions.

– Highlight any discount for orders over a certain price or amount.

– Include promo code in the Promotion details.

– Test prices and percentages.

– Use the Occasion drop down menu to promote and customise a special occasion such as Back to School, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Easter, etc.
Search campaigns > Select your Search campaign > Ads & extensions > Extensions > + Promotion extension > Occasions.

– Use Bid adj. (Bid adjustments) to increase or decrease bids according to your results.

Extensions for Local searches
Call extension
Call only ads
Promotion extension
Location extension
Price extension

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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