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Type of Search Intent | Navigational

Type of Search Intent | Navigational

The searchers are looking for a specific website or a specific topic.

They already know exactly where they want to go.

But why are they searching on Google? It may be just quicker and easier for them to go to Google than type the URL into the address bar, or they may not know the exact URL and how to spell it.

Examples of Navigational searches
‘Instagram’, ‘Content marketing institute’, ‘A Google guide to Google Ads’, ‘Bing Ads login’, ‘Facebook advertising’.

Navigational keywords
Brands, names, product names and service names.

SERP features showing for Navigational searches
Sitelinks, Knowledge Card or Graph, Tweet box.

Sitelinks are designed to help visitors to get to a web page or a location faster.
When Sitelinks appear? Mainly for branded terms.
Formats: It shows the website’s most popular pages.

Knowledge Card or Graph
Optimise your ‘Google My Business’ page to display the relevant info on the knowledge card or graph.

When Knowledge Card or Graph appear? Business names, important people, places, flora/fauna, movies, TV, awards, food, etc.

When Tweets appear? Usually for branded queries.
Formats: Cards, often in a pack of three. Cards display tweet text and date.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.


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