Sunshine Coast Daily | SEO is a major consideration for any business with a website. Adwords Professional Silvio Ferrero has some tips to improve your online presence

Local Google AdWords advertising professional Silvio Ferrero has some tips to improve your online presence.

INTERNET users and potential customers search for your products or services by typing related keywords into search engines.

SEO is the process of optimising your website content, keywords, phrases and key phrases in order to get it to the top of Google, or other major search engines.

If a keyword with high search volumes returns results where your website appears on top of Google, you’re guaranteed a lot of traffic which could improve your business sales and turnover.

However, being at the top of Google with some obscure keyword with very low search volume, or none at all, it is almost pointless in terms of traffic to your website.

And it could have been very expensive if you’ve paid some dishonest SEO company that promised you a top Google ranking with these obscure keywords.

But, how do you find out which keywords have a high search volume?

Google has several free tools to help you out.

The Google Keyword Tool shows you monthly search volume averages for any keyword based on actual Google search queries.

Google Insights for Search provides an up-to-date view of what people are searching for around the world.

You can compare search volume patterns by multiple keywords across specific regions, categories, and timeframe./p>

This can be a way to determine rising search queries to understand what people are searching for and how.

Google Trends identifies emerging trends, new behaviours and seasonal search trends. It also helps to anticipate demands based on historical search trends for your industry, so you can budget accordingly.

And with its geographic distribution, you can find paying customers by seeing how search volume is distributed across regions and cities.

Silvio Ferrero of Adwordizing is a Google Premier Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Partner.

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