Store Visits

Store Visits

Store Visits in Smart Bidding is now available to all advertisers in Search and Shopping campaigns.

If you activated Store Visits measurement in your Google Ads account, you can now use Store Visits data in your Smart Bidding strategies.

If you have a physical location, with Store Visits you can better optimise for foot traffic in addition to online conversions with Smart Bidding.

You can implement Store Visits conversions into Smart Bidding at the account level, or at the campaign level. The campaign level is active on Search campaigns, for Shopping campaigns contact your Google Ads rep.

Store Visit conversions are available to a limited number of Google advertisers. To be able to measure store visit conversions you will need to meet the following requirements:
– Have multiple physical store locations in eligible countries. Ask your account representative if store visit conversions are available in your location.
– Receive thousands of ad clicks and viewable impressions.
– Have a Google My Business account linked to your Google Ads account.
– Create each of your store locations in your Google My Business account.
– Have at least 90% of your linked locations verified in Google My Business.
– Ensure location extensions are active in your account.
– Have sufficient store visits data on the backend to attribute to ad click or viewable impressions traffic and pass our user privacy thresholds.

Store visits attributed to viewable impressions are only available for Display Network campaigns or ads that serve on the Google Display Network.

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Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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