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Sunshine Coast Daily | Clicks still worth a lot

Sunshine Coast Daily | Clicks still worth a lot

A Sunshine Coast Google Adwords expert has moved to educate others about the difference between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and achieving a top ranking when it comes to pay per click sponsored links.

His comments come following last week’s MyBusiness cover story, which was about the increasingly popularity of online businesses as more traditional job markets weaken.

Mr Ferrero of Adwordizing, who has a dog named Google, said there was a difference between a good SEO result (how your website ranks during an “organic” internet search) and a good pay per click result.

“The advertiser pays every time a user clicks on a sponsored link,” he said.

“Their ranking is determined by the cost per click and the quality score you receive as more people click on it.

“The higher your quality score and the less your cost per click, the better. So, it doesn’t matter how much you pay, the quality score is the most important thing because the Google system rewards relevancy.

“Every key word in an advert you write for a sponsored link listing has a price and you must optimise your landing page according to those words, otherwise people won’t keep coming back and boost your quality score.

“The costs per click can be anything from $1 to $50, or even higher in America. Words like mortgages, loan, Forex exchange, car sales, health and beauty, holidays and breast enlargement are very expensive.”

Mr Ferrero, who owned a web agency in London and now helps companies all across the world with their pay per click advertising, said Google spiders trawled the net updating their databases on a regular basis to determine the organic search results.

He said the “big argument” in the industry was which was better for business.

“Sponsored links are a form of advertising, therefore companies advertise and pay for it, while organic searches are paid on relevancy,” he said.

“I think businesses need to be on Google with those sponsored links, because the listing can be up within minutes, pending approval.

“So if you are a plumber and people enter a search with related words, your advert will appear next to the search results and you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in your services or products.”

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