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Google Ads Tutorials

Google Ads Tutorials

Account | Campaigns | Ad groups
Account and campaigns structure
How to quickly check your account performance.
Pros and cons of managing your account in-house or outsourcing it to an agency

Search Intent 
What is Search Intent, and why it matters?
How to find consumers’ search intent
Types of Search Intent
Informational Search Intent
Navigational Search Intent
Transactional Search Intent
Commercial Research Intent
Content angle
Content format
Content type

Bid adj. (Bid adjustments)
Can a lower keyword bid decrease my conversions?
How much should I bid for my keyword? 
How much are my competitors bidding to be on top of my ads?
Can a higher keyword bid lead my ads to a lower position?
Why has my keyword CPC (Cost-per-click) increased?
The importance of First Page Bid (FPB)

Smart Bidding 
What is Smart Bidding?
Campaigns that do not meet the requirements
Should I move my campaigns to Smart Bidding?
Should I change my account structure if I use Smart Bidding?
Smart Bidding useful guidelines
Seasonality adjustments

If my campaign is ‘Limited by budget’, should I increase my daily budget?
If I have a limited budget in a campaign and I raise my CPC (Cost per click) bids, will I improve my conversions?
Google Ads is spending much more than my daily budget, what can I do?
Campaigns with limited budget
I have a limited budget, and the keywords in my industry are very expensive. What can I do?

Keyword optimisation
Should I delete ‘Low search volume’ keywords?
Should I delete keywords that have never converted?
Should I use broad match keywords?
What is the best position for my keywords?
What should I do with my keywords ‘Rarely shown (low Quality Score)’?
How can I optimise exact match, and other keyword matches with close variants?

Ads optimisation
DSA (Dynamic Search Ads)
RSA (Responsive Search Ads)
Click share
How do I get my ad to rank #1?

Landing pages
Landing pages

Quality Score
What is the Quality Score?
What is Ad Rank and how is calculated?
Quality Score optimisations for Search campaigns
Quality Score for Display campaigns
Do I always need to optimise my Quality Score?
Does pausing, deleting, restarting campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads affect my Quality Score?

Local searches
How do I drive consumers to visit my store?
Local Services ads
Local inventory ads
Store visits
Local campaigns
Extensions for Local searches
Call extension
Call only ads
Promotion extension
Location extension
Price extension

Mobile Ads
What are Mobile ads?

GDN (Google Display Network)
Search and Display Network
Display Network Managed Placements
Google Display Network targeting settings
What is the order of bids on the Display Network?
On Google Display Network, what are the top performing image ad sizes?
On Google Display Network, how should I use frequency capping?
How do I stop or reduce Invalid clicks?

Remarketing lists
RSLA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) targeting settings

Google Analytics 
Top Conversion Path

What to check and to optimise after launching your campaign
Optimisation calendar
How to optimise for CTR, Branding and ROI (Return on Investment)

Paid & organic
Benefits from organic and paid search working together

Google Features
Google Features

Google Rebranding
Is Google rebranding affecting my campaigns?

Facebook Audience Insight

Updates and new features
Changes to phrase match and broad match modifier
Phrase and broad match keywords that are identical to a query are now preferred
How to set up GA4 using Tag Manager
Google ads to drop expanded text ads for responsive search ads
Adjust conversion values in Smart Bidding
YouTube announced two feature updates
Upgrading TrueView for action campaigns to Video action campaigns

Tips for 2022

Glossary of terms
Glossary of terms

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