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On Brand campaigns, try the Target Impression Share strategy

On Brand campaigns, try the Target Impression Share strategy

Last week I audited 2 Google Ads accounts.

I still see a mix of Smart and Manual Bidding strategies on both accounts. In one of my previous post, I discussed how important it is to determine whether all campaigns should be set up using a Smart Bidding approach, because conversions from Manual Bidding affect all Smart Bidding conversions as well.

The Brand campaigns in these two accounts are using the Maximise Clicks and Maximise Conversions (Target CPA) strategies, respectively.

As a result, the number of impressions may fall.

The issue with a Maximise Clicks or Maximise Conversions (Target CPA) strategy for a Brand campaign is that Google will aim to get as many clicks as possible within the budget for Maximise clicks, and show the ads when they are most likely to convert for Maximise conversions.

Instead, you should strive to generate as many impressions as possible with your Brand campaigns to ensure that you are always visible and present, and not only when your ads are likely to convert. The Target Impression Share strategy with Percent (100%) impression share to target may be the ideal option.

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