Some are Blue Chips, some are very small, but irrespective of their size, each client’s campaign is designed to be attention grabbing, for the right reasons.

Adwordizing has helped the following companies:

– Findus with online and interactive marketing services.

– Goldman Sachs to launch search engine marketing campaigns in Italy and Spain.

– AON with taylored web-based solutions.

– CIPD to develop an interactive DVD presentation.

– ActivTrades was ranked the 6th fastest growing company in the UK, and the 3rd fastest in London and 4th overall in the financial sector by Investec Hot 100 UK’s fastest-growing private companies.

– The Private Clinic in London grow from two Clinics in 2001 to more than 20 Clinics and Consultation Rooms nationwide.

– GetToolsDirect grow from being a start-up business to the 2nd largest DIY online retailer in Australia.

– Miraculoss in New Zealand to make $6,000 profit the first month they advertised on Google Ads.

– The Cooper Gallery in Australia to sell 8/10 portraits online every month.

– The Institute of Directors in New Zealand to develop web based tools that enabled them to serve their members in entirely new ways.

– Cranmore Cattery in London to generate 20 leads a month, one client leaving a cat for three days pays for their entire advertising campaign.

– Greg Langdon, a Tennis Professional in Los Angeles, to get $350 worth of business at a cost of $2.68.

– Online Dating in Italy to get clients worth 15 Euro each at a cost between 1 and 4 Euro.

– donQuijote, a Spanish Language School, to optimise their accounts and landings pages.

– The Health Retreat in Australia to sign up prospective clients worth $6,000 at a cost of $750.

– Donna White, an Interior Designer in New Zealand, to make her Google Ads campaigns extremely successful.

Case Studies