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RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) targeting settings

Audiences with 1,000 members
For your ads to show to an audience on the search network, you need an audience of 1,000 members or more.

RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) targeting settings
RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) lets you change your bids, messaging and keywords based on the site visitors that are the most valuable to you.

At a basic level, target all visitors to your website and add a RLSA to all your campaigns or ad groups.

Two options to add Remarketing Lists to your Ad Group

The ‘Observation’ option allows you to monitor how your ads are performing in existing campaigns or ad groups for your selected placements, topics, or audiences without narrowing your campaigns or ad groups targeting any further.

The ‘Targeting’ option allows you to set up a separate ad group to targets only your remarketing list members.

Therefore, you create specific ads, keywords, and bids for customers on your list.

When you use ‘Targeting’, your ads won’t serve until your list reaches a minimum list size (1,000 members or more).

RLSA | Targeting vs Observation

Before making your bid adjustment decisions, ensure you have a good amount of data.

– Add an ‘Observation’ list to existing search campaigns with a bid modifier for returning visitors, at campaign or ad group level.

– Check your Remarketing Audiences you set up as Observation lists, pick up your best performers and duplicate these in a new campaign using the ‘Targeting’ option.

– Tailor ad copies, bids, and keywords based on your site visitors that are most likely to convert.

– If your services or products fit into a small niche, try to target this niche only to qualified audiences.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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