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Type of Search Intent | Commercial Research

Type of Search Intent | Commercial Research

The searchers know the product or service they want, but they are undecided about what solution is right for them.

They are looking for reassurance, most probably for reviews and comparisons.

They are researching and still considering their options.

Examples of Commercial Research searches
‘Best 15 inches laptop’, ‘Salesforce or Hubspot’, ‘Dell reviews’, ‘Top restaurant West End’.

In general, local searches have commercial research intent.
For example, ‘Electrician near me’, or ‘Cheapest hotel in London’.

Commercial Research Keywords
‘Best’, ‘Top’, ‘Review’, ‘Attributes’, for example, a certain colour or size’, ‘Compare’, ‘Comparison’.

SERP features showing for Commercial Research
Google Ads, Featured Snippets, Rating and Reviews.

Google Ads
Ads can display at the top or bottom of the page depending on relevance, Quality Score and bidding.
When Google Ads appear? When advertisers bid on keywords related to the search query.
Formats: Various. It can be text, banner, video, call local and app ads. Google Ads are labelled [AD].

Featured Snippets
41% of questions show Featured Snippets.
When Features Snippets appear? When Google can display an answers to a question in approx. 40-60 words.
Formats: Paragraphs, lists (numbered or bulleted) and tables.

Ratings and Reviews
When Ratings and Reviews appear? Products, recipes, brand names, and other relevant items.
Formats: Displayed between organic result URLs and descriptions.

Best practices

– Analyse your keyword suggested bids. Normally, the higher the suggested bid and competition, the higher the transactional and commercial intent.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.


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