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Type of Search Intent | Informational

Type of Search Intent | Informational

The searchers are looking for information.

For example: ‘who won Wimbledon last year’? Or a more in‐depth search such as ‘how does online trading work’?

However, not all informational searches are written as simple questions.

Other examples of Informational searches:
‘Who is Lionel Messi?’, ‘Gatwick airport directions’, ‘Emanuel Macron’, ‘Football final results’, ‘HTML 5’ and ‘CSS for image borders’.

Informational keywords
Some examples of Informational keywords: what, how, who, where, why, guide, tutorial, information, info, ideas, suggestions, solutions, tips, forecast, projection, learn and examples.

SERP features showing for Informational searches
Featured Snippets, Knowledge Card or Graph, Videos, Related Questions – PAA (People Also Ask), Instant Answers and Top Stories.

Featured Snippets
41% of questions show results as Featured Snippets.
When Featured Snippets appear? If Google can display an answer to a question in approx. 40-60 words.
Formats: Paragraphs, lists (numbered or bulleted) and tables.

Knowledge Card or Graph
Optimise your ‘Google My Business’ page to display the relevant info on the knowledge card or graph.
When Knowledge Card or Graph appear? Searches for business names, important people, places, flora/fauna, movies, TV, awards, food, etc.

When videos appear? When video content is useful.
Formats: Single, 3-pack or both.

Related Questions – PAA (People Also Ask)
Related questions are also keywords with Featured Snippets of their own.
When Related Questions – PAA (People Also Ask) appear? To answer questions.
Formats: Box with a list of questions with drop down to explore web pages.

Instant Answers
Instant Answers are direct answers that do not provide a source or back link to citation.
When Instant Answers appear? When Google believes a very short answer satisfies the searchers.

Top Stories
When Top Stories appear? When Google thinks a newsworthy topic can be useful.
Formats: Horizontal cards displaying headline, publisher, and publish date.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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