Silvio Ferrero


– Founded and ran ‘Bestitalian’, a web portal specialising in the advertising of Italian products and services.

– Founded and ran WebDezines, a web design and internet consultancy agency based in London, which was acquired by Windmill Partnership – a well-known advertising and PR company in the UK.

– Founded and currenty run Adwordizing Ltd.

– Worked with Google Ads (ex Adwords) since 2000.

– One of the first Google Ads advertisers in the UK, and one of the first three Qualified Adwords Advertising Professionals in Australia.

– Been involved in the design, sales and marketing of over 150 websites, and dealt with several Blue Chips.

– Created more than 3,000 Google Ads accounts targeting 25 countries in 12 languages and managed £70+ million clients’ budgets.


– Economy and Commerce – University of Turin

– Marketing Management – Harvard University

– Digital Marketing – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

– Certificate in Search Engine Optimisation – Stanford University

– Certificate in Social Media Marketing – Stanford University

– Postgraduated Certificate in Digital Marketing – Squared Online (Course developed by Google)