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Smart Shopping campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns
A Smart Shopping campaign is a fully automated campaign that uses automated bidding and ad placement for maximum conversion value at your given budget.

It combines a Standard Shopping campaign and a Display Remarketing campaign.

The Google’s Machine learning looks at your Product Feed, assets and bids. The system tests different combinations of your image and text to show the most relevant ads across Google’s proprieties such as: the GDN (Google Display Network), the Search Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

You link to a Merchant Center account, decided your budget, upload your assets, and tell Google your country of sale.

Types of ads
A Smart Shopping campaigns features Product Shopping ads, Local Inventory ads, and Display ads (including dynamic Remarketing and dynamic prospecting).

Display Ads
Display Ads are personalised based on previous user engagement with your products or website.

Google Search
To established which product from your feed should appear, Google uses a mix of users’ search queries and predicted intent.

Before you start a Smart Shopping campaign, you’ll need to set up a conversion tracking with transaction-specific values.
With your conversion tracking you must set a transaction-specific values for each conversion. This value helps you to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment).

TOOLS & SETTINGS > Conversions > + Conversion > Website > Track sales and other actions on your website > Create a conversion action for your website > Value > Select your value.

Global site tag
You also need to add a global site tag to your website.

TOOLS & SETTINGS > SHARED LIBRARY > Audience Manager > Audience Sources > Google Ads Tag > Details.

Scoll down to Tag setup > Click the down arrow.

Select Install the tag yourself > Global site tag > Copy and paste the tag.

Link your Google Analytics

If you link your Google Analytics to your Google Ads account, you can use the Google Analytics’ tags instead of the global site tag..

Remarketing list
You need a Remarketing list of at least 100 active users associated with your account.

Shopping ads policies
Make sure you read the requirements for Shopping campaigns and follow the Shopping ads policies. You can’t use sensitive interest categories to deliver relevant ads to people or to promote products or services. To learn more, read the Personalized advertising policy.

Enabled or paused campaigns
You are allowed up to 100 enabled or paused Smart Shopping campaigns in your Google Ads account.

Best Practices

Google recommends  to use the combined historical daily spend of your current Standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns to set a budget for your new campaign.
Set your initial budget and after the learning phase, continue to test and adjust it according to performance.

Bid changes
During the Machine learning initial phase, (2-3 weeks) do not change your bids.

Add as many products as are applicable to your campaign.

Use a high-quality logo and image assets.

Machine learning time
Before evaluating your campaign’s performance you need good data. Allow the Machine learning at least two/three weeks to learn and optimise your campaign to your goals.

Outside factors
Outside factors can affect your campaign performance, for example: holidays, weekends, seasonality, special events, changes to your product data, and competitors entering the auction.

Evaluate conversion value, and not clicks
The Smart Shopping strategy reduces bids for clicks that don’t maximise your conversion. Therefore, the number of clicks and cost per click can fluctuate considerably.

Conversion delays
Allow for some conversions delay as some conversions may take more time than others.

Device performance
Analyse your device performance and adjust your shopping feed accordingly.

Exclude under performing automatic placements.
Reports > Predefined Reports > Display/Video > Automatic Placements (group).

Run regular reports to check your campaign’s performance
REPORTS > Predefined reports (Dimensions) > Shopping > Select  the report from the Shopping drop-down menu.
You can also run reports for clicks, conversions, and impressions.

View-through conversion
The View-through conversion report is not available for Shopping campaigns.

Pausing other campaigns
Smart Shopping campaigns take priority over Standard Shopping and Display Remarketing campaigns for the same account and the same products or groups of products.
Therefore, if you have the same products in your Standard Shopping campaign, it is best to pause these other campaigns.

Extract from my Book ‘Making Google Ads Work’.

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