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“Adwordizing has been working with ActivTrades for over 16 years. Silvio has implemented and managed the company’s SEO and digital marketing targetong 25 countries in 12 languages, resulting in a substantial contribution to the growth of the company internationally.”
Alessandro Gho, Director, ActivTrades PLC, London

“I really appreciate all your work with Aon Asia. Thank you so much for all the creative input this year. Excellent results.”
Tom Armstrong, Regional HR Director, Aon Asia

“The web solutions you developed have proved extremely successful and profitable, and have complemented our national newspaper and television advertising campaigns. The Internet is now very much part of our ongoing marketing strategy, and we intend to increase our resources towards it.”
Brendan Kearney, Chairman, The Private Clinic, Harley Street, London

“The web based tools that you have helped develop have been innovative yet very useable and have enabled us to serve our members in entirely new ways.”
Wray Wilson, Professional Services Manager, Institute of Directors in New Zealand

“You are a bloody legend mate!”
Andrew Watson, GetToolsDirect, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Silvio is a great professional who produces fantastic results.”
Iain McCormick, Managing Director at Executive Coaching Centre Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

“We’ve worked with Adwordizing for over 5 years and highly rate his SEM skills. He’s continually brought significant benefits to our mutual clients and understands what it takes to make a web presence successful.”
Julian Stopps, Technology Consultant, London

“Adwordizing dirige brillantemente la struttura alla quale ci appoggiamo da anni per qualunque tipo di attività riguardo il binomio Google Ads+Forex.”
Salvatore Pugliese, CEO & VP, Brown Editor, Milano, Italy

“I spend between 1 and 4 Euro to sign up clients that are worth 15 Euro each.”
Michele Parisi – Online Dating, Italy

“Thanks for working hard on the optimization of the accounts and landings.”
Alejandro de Pablo, Director de Marketing y Desarrollo, donQuijote, Madrid, Spain

“Last week I spent $750, and I’m signing up prospective clients worth $6,000.”
Ray Vozzo Health Retreat, Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“We are extremely satisfied with your web solutions. We have found Mr Ferrero a very efficient and easy person to work with. He was very receptive and quick to grasp what we were looking for, but his own input was invaluable.”
Grazyna Witek, House of Mirrors, London

“We sell 8/10 portraits every month thanks to Google Ads.”
Barry Cooper – The Cooper Gallery, Noosa, Australia

“Just wanted to touch base and let you know the quality of the leads has been fantastic. We are really getting the client base we have been looking for”.
Robert Statham – Bespoke Aluminum Adelaide, Australia

“Last month we spent £17.88 for 149 clicks that generated 20 leads. One client leaving a cat for three days pays for the entire advertising campaign.”
Julie Ottey – Cranmore Cattery, Surrey, London

“I’m very pleased with the early stages of the campaign. I launched the campaign on Tuesday evening and by Thursday morning I had booked my first client. In that time I spent $2.68 on Google Ads, and I got $350 worth of business from it. I’m looking forward to more good things to come.”
Greg Langdon, Tennis Professional, Los Angeles, California

“I had a very definite idea of what I wanted for my web marketing and the Google Ads campaign has been extremely successful.”
Donna White – Interior Design, Auckland, New Zealand