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The changing role of PPC (Pay per click) agencies

The changing role of PPC (Pay per click) agencies

On my previous post, I discussed PPC agencies evolving into Strategic Partners.

So far, manual optimization of a Google Ads account has been a big component of the service given by a PPC agency.

A lot of elbow grease was put in by Google Ads experts to ensure that clients would get a good ROI on their invested budgets.

But now with the advanced stage of Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) things are changing.

While campaign optimisation will continue to be part of the service, this is to be performed at a higher level and with less operational time. And therefore, the time required for human input will be considerably reduced.

PPC agencies will become autopilot pilots.

Agencies must develop efficient strategies, as well as be proficient in strong client communication and analytical skills.

And furthermore, help companies collect the right data in the correct form for the machine.

Additionally, help companies collect the right data, inputting it in the proper format, and delivering it to the machine.

Data management is becoming increasingly crucial. AI works best when it has high-quality data from which to learn in order to improve campaigns performance.

Clients will be looking at PPC Agencies for more strategic guidance and data management.

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