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Courier Mail | Web advertiser makes move

Courier Mail | Web advertiser makes move

Getting customers through the door is only half the battle in any business and it’s no different if the door to your business is the internet.

One man who has made a career helping businesses get customers through the door on the net is Silvio Ferrero.

He relocated here a year ago after selling the web design and internet marketing company he founded and ran for eight years in London.

Mr. Ferrero has set up a company called Adwordizing which aims to put people on the internet map.

“I’m qualified to provide Google Adwords to customers. We develop campaigns based on the ads that appear when potential customers search on Google for a phrase relevant to the advertiser’s business.”

Businesses pay nothing unless someone clicks on their ad, and pay different rates (starting at a few cents for each click) depending on their placement on page.

Mr Ferrero said “between 2% and 4% of people who click on the ad, make appointments or purchases”, although he said the conversion rate was potentially much higher in industries like tourism, health and real estate.”

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